Central New York Wrongful Death Attorneys

Wrongful death refers to a lawsuit filed by family members of someone who died as a result of another’s negligent acts. The objective is to compensate members of the family for their emotional and financial loss. A wrongful death lawsuit could seek damages for lost salaries, loss of support or companionship and mental anguish.

The wrongful death lawyers of Nicholas, Perot, Smith, Welch & Smith have worked with families throughout Central New York who have lost loved ones in many kinds of accidents. We see how the painful loss shatters life as they knew it, leaving grief and worry over new financial burdens. We’re committed to getting those who are left behind the compensation they need and deserve.

In wrongful death cases, our skilled lawyers can help you:

  • Get compensation for the loss of your loved one
  • Hold accountable the party responsible for the fatal accident
  • Recover funeral and medical costs
  • Navigate estate and probate issues
  • Recover lost profits and family assistance, past and future
  • Get justice for your loved one’s needless death

If your loved one died due to an auto, motorcycle or truck accident, pedestrian accident, bicycle accident, or a watercraft or boat accident, please call and let us help you put your life back together.

Our fatal accident attorneys will investigate and collect proof to support your wrongful death claim. We consult medical experts, accident reconstruction specialists, mechanical engineers and others to prepare a comprehensive lawsuit that leaves no doubt about what happened, who’s to blame, and the toll it’s taken on you and your family.

Our lawyers Nicholas, Perot, Smith, Welch & Smith negotiate on a daily basis with insurance carriers to get the best settlements for our clients in Central New York. If the insurers won’t agree to an appropriate settlement, we won’t hesitate to take the case into the courtroom and show a jury why those responsible should provide satisfactory compensation.

If someone you love died in an accident caused by someone’s carelessness, the experienced, compassionate lawyers at Nicholas, Perot, Smith, Welch & Smith are standing by to help you and your family get justice to help ease the emotional burden, plus compensation to cover the financial costs you’re saddled with.

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