Has Your Loved One Suffered Nursing Home Abuse?

Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Buffalo NY

Those of us in Western New York who have loved ones in nursing homes or assisted living facilities must place a great deal of trust in the caregivers and other staff to treat our family members with dignity and respect. We want our loved ones to be safe and happy, even if we can’t be with them at all times. So, we seek facilities that we believe will provide that comfort and security when finding accommodations for a parent or grandparent who is no longer able to live independently.

Given the strong emotions that can accompany entrusting your loved one to a nursing home or other facility, it can be devastating to learn that your trust was broken and your loved one has been neglected, injured or worse by those charged with their protection.

When that happens, you want to make sure your loved one receives medical attention, is safe from further abuse, and you want justice. You will want to contact the nursing home abuse lawyers at Nicholas, Perot, Smith, Bernhardt & Zosh. Our attorneys understand what you and your family members are going through and we will act immediately to protect your loved one, identify those responsible and demand compensation.

What is nursing home abuse and elder abuse?

Nursing home and elder abuse are intentional or neglectful acts committed by a caregiver or trusted individual that harm or lead to the harm of a vulnerable elder. It may also include exploitation of their finances and healthcare fraud. The elderly and disabled are some of the most susceptible to abuse because they often cannot defend themselves and may be unable to report the abuse.

Sadly, abuse at nursing homes is a widespread problem in Western New York and beyond. The elder abuse attorneys at Nicholas, Perot, Smith, Bernhardt & Zosh have years of experience fighting for senior citizens and people with disabilities in skilled care facilities. We realize abuse may be around them all the time and we do all we can to put an end to it.

Elder abuse and neglect can lead to serious injury and even death. Nursing home abuse victims can suffer emotional, psychological, and physical pain, and they often feel alone and frightened.

Five common types of Nursing Home and Elder Abuse:

1) Physical

2) Sexual

3) Emotional

4) Psychological

5) Verbal

Five types of Nursing Home and Elder Neglect:

1) Withholding food and/or water

2) Withholding clothing

3) Withholding medication

4) Failing to maintain patient hygiene

5) Denying a patient personal comfort

If you know or suspect a loved one is the victim of nursing home abuse, please seek advice from a personal injury lawyer like the legal team at Nicholas, Perot, Smith, Bernhardt & Zosh. An attorney will conduct an investigation and look into the history of both the nursing home and the caregivers in question, as well as help you file claims for damages.

Our nursing home abuse lawyers can also advise you in identifying warning signs of your loved one’s mistreatment or neglect. Contact us today to put an end to your loved one’s abuse or neglect.

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