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The family is the foundation of society, but there are times when that foundation threatens to break apart, and families have to split up. When this happen, it’s important to work with a reliable family lawyer who will advise and assist you throughout the legal process. Our family law attorneys at Nicholas, Perot, Smith, Bernhardt & Zosh can help you with any family-related legal issue.


Divorce is the legal termination of a marriage. Our family law attorneys have helped with divorce proceedings for families and couples across Western New York. We understand how emotionally and physically draining divorce can be. Divorce involves not just the division of property and of debt, it also requires decisions on child custody and support, visitation rights, and spousal support. We can help you deal with all of these important issues and make informed decisions. Going through a divorce without any legal representation can be a daunting task and lead to less-than-desirable results. We can guide and help you in determining the best course of action during this trying time.

Child Support

It can be stressful to have to ask for child support from your estranged spouse. Whether or not your partner is involved in the life of your child, it’s always recommended to get a family lawyer so that you can be sure you are receiving adequate support to care for your children. If you are the parent paying child support, you want to be sure your former partner is spending the money in a way that benefits your child.

Child Custody

Developing a parenting agreement to cover visitation and custody of your children is a difficult task even without feelings about the split-up entering the picture. Parents cannot let their emotions negatively impact the agreement process or the children’s happiness. Getting the assistance of a family law attorney is a great move toward drafting the best agreement, whether it is sole, supervised, or joint custody.

The rights of grandparents and other family members who have been involved in the children’s lives should be respected, as well. Our family law lawyers at Nicholas, Perot, Smith, Bernhardt & Zosh are familiar with all state-specific laws that may apply to your case.


When you have decided to adopt, you will need to know the specific state requirements to qualify as a family. If you want to adopt out of the United States, additional federal requirements may apply. Set an appointment with one of our lawyers and ensure that your rights are protected as a possible parent.

Domestic Abuse

Many domestic violence victims do not speak up, believing that their situation is hopeless. They are scared, think the situation is their own fault, and that more harm will come if they speak about it. Victims of domestic abuse can trust our family law lawyers to give honest answers and inform them of the options they have to get the justice they deserve.

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