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Few tragic events compare to the emotional impact of losing a loved one in an accident, especially if it was caused by someone’s negligent act. The sorrow of any loved one’s death intensifies when you realize it was unnecessary and possibly preventable. Grief  may be joined by a desire to find whoever caused the accident and exact some measure of justice.

The accident injury attorneys of Nicholas, Perot, Smith, Koehler & Wall can help you accomplish that goal by filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the responsible party, demanding they pay monetary damages for your family’s loss. We have years of experience helping clients in Pennsylvania get the compensation they deserve after losing a loved one.

We understand that money is no replacement for a loved one’s life, but, hopefully, it can help with getting life back to some sense of normal. Monetary compensation is important because financial worries often follow a fatal accident, especially if the victim was the primary wage earner.

The Financial Impact of a Fatal Accident Can Last For Years

Any settlement for an accidental death must address several financial areas, including the bills facing the survivors now and those arising in the future. Adequate compensation has to cover a number of expenses and we make sure to calculate all damages when preparing our clients’ claims.

Some of the costs typically resulting from a fatal accident include the following:

  • Loss of wages and future earnings – this should reflect work missed by all family members, as well as future earnings of the loved one killed
  • Medical expenses – doctor, hospital and ambulance bills already incurred for the deceased loved one and any other injured family members; plus costs of future treatment, such as ongoing physical therapy or potential surgical procedures
  • Emotional and mental distress – effects of such a tragedy are more than physical and may manifest as anxiety or depression
  • Property damage and loss – cost of repair or replacement of all personal property in the accident

Our wrongful death lawyers at Nicholas, Perot, Smith, Koehler & Wall have seen many devastated families in Pennsylvania reeling from their loved ones’ senseless death, and trying to cope with harsh financial realities. We’ve gained a more comprehensive understanding of the tragedy’s costly impact, and strengthened our resolve to help victims withstand that impact.

If your loved one died as the result of someone’s careless or irresponsible actions, you already have more than enough on your plate. You don’t need to add the hassles of navigating through complicated wrongful death litigation. It’s easy to contact the Nicholas, Perot, Smith, Koehler & Wall legal team and let us to take care of those hassles. Give us a call today to schedule a free consultation.

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